30,000 indigenous trees grown in Mau and Aberdare water towers

27 ha of degraded forest rehabilitated

Approximately 588.6 metric tonnes of CO2 absorbed annually

Approx. 2 million Kenya shillings paid directly to local communities from procurement of seedlings

Above 200 jobs created annually

Increased household income from sale of cultivated crops in our rehabilitation zone

Improved forest security for over 100 households

Increased access to forest benefits by the local community members

Improved living standards for over 100 households

Sustainability Model

Forest Challenge event is held every year and has attracted increasing interest among corporates and individual. The resources raised from the event guarantees continuity of the rehabilitation programme.

The tree planting model of empowering the communities by engaging them directly through the Community Forest Association (CFA) in planting and nurturing trees while allowing them to cultivate crops in the planted areas has ensured appreciation, buy-in and ownership guaranteeing social fences for the rehabilitated sites.

Joint monitoring of the sites by CFAs and KFS ensures timely adaptive actions in the planted sites warrants high survival rates. The rehabilitated sites are handed over to KFS for long term protection from illegal activities such as illegal logging.

Direct partnership with individual corporates compliments and ensures the success of the Forest Rehabilitation Programme.

Financial Performance (Jan 2021-June 2022)

We mobilised a total of 2.4 million Kenya shillings towards tree growing. This facilitated the site preparation, planting, aftercare as well as 3 years of monitoring of 7,000 trees

Restoration Performace (2021-June 2022)

Restoring 600 hectares would require us to plant cumulatively 600,000 indigenous trees.

So far, we have planted and are nurturing 30,000 indigenous seedlings which only represents 5%.

To realise our target of 600,000 trees by 2030, we need to plant 64,000 seedlings annually, between 2022 and 2030.

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