Forest Challenge is a conservation event that allows teams to take part in competitive but fun activities in a forest, while raising awareness on forests and rehabilitating water towers as well as critical forest sites.
Kenya’s forests are rapidly declining, with 0.3% deforestation taking place each year due to pressure from increased population, fuel wood, building material and other land uses. The Forest Challenge seeks to reverse this trend by increasing awareness on forest conservation in fun way while helping to protect and manage degraded forests and water towers.
The event features diverse encounters for the participants with varying levels of difficulty. The challenge activities are kept a mystery to maintain an equal competitive advantage among teams.
Proceeds are utilized in the protection and management of activities in degraded forests as well as water towers of Kenya being implemented by organized groups such as Community Forest Associations (CFAs) and Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs). Furthermore, these monies are used to assist communities and schools adjacent to forests on various ways like provision of water facilities.
Forest Challenge Organisers will ensure all guidlines advised by the MOH will be strictly followed. The Organisers have again regulated the total number of participants and spectators as well as the number of members that form one team.
The event is an annual event held every last quarter of every year at Kereita Forest accessed from Kimende town along the Nairobi – Nakuru Highway. Immediately before the Total Kimende you shall see a turning/exit road to Kereita labeled “The Forest.” From Nairobi it is approximately 55km to Kimende and will take you an estimated 45 minutes to drive to the venue. Forest Challenge 2022 will be on 26th of November.
The Forest Challenge is a one day event that we expect to start at 8.00am to 5.00pm
Once you register on the website (www.forestchallenge.com) a ticket will be sent to you. There are various ways on how you can pay the participation fee; by writing a cheque in favour of The East African Wild Life Society or MPESA paybill No. 502300 Acc. No. Forest Challenge or you can graciously donate towards the event still on the same procedure of either a cheque or MPESA. For further clarification, contact the event manager through email Gideon.bett@eawildlife.org.
After you’ve paid your entrance fee please remember also to carry your identification document (ID or passport), have comfortable wear (tshirt, shorts, and track suits) and running shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, carry change of clothes and shoes and some extra cash for snacks and drinks.
On the event day, the organisers will provide you with lunch. Also, marshals/stewards on location ready to help, paramedics to respond to any emergencies and security to ensure that everyone is safe.
You won’t go home looking and smelling muddy. We have engaged the services of the relevant providers to set up shower points for both ladies and gents at separate spots.
In the event you misplace your luggage, don’t worry for we shall have a clearly marked left luggage center and the stewards will be on location to help. All left luggage must be collected by 4.30pm. After this time any remaining left luggage will be collected from EAWLS offices on Riara road.
Anyone is free to choose from their desired mode of transport. We will have buses at the pick-up point in town, Green Park terminals but those wishing to drive to the venue will be directed by traffic marshals on the places where they can park. We request that we be considerate when parking. We encourage the drivers not to obstruct the normal flow of traffic and others. The organizer will take high measures to ensure the safety of all cars, however, they shall not be liable to any damage or loss.
Sometimes it is not easy to predict exactly how the weather for the day shall be but being a forest area it can get very cold. With this in mind please pack warm clothing just in case it gets really cold.
The organizers will provide every registered participant with lunch. However, should one feel it is not to their satisfaction they can buy more food from the contracted vendors who will be on location.
Due to the nature of challenges, participants ages 13 and above will be required to sign indemnity forms before taking part. However, children are open to attend as spectators for their will be a children corner with the relevant activities.
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